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In other words, we help you find the words and the method to…

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  • Allowing YOU to make an impact on your clients and your income.

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Free No-Fail Welcome Email Checklist

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Make a Good Impression

Use this easy No-Fail Welcome Email Checklist to garner trust and start the relationship right. We use this for ourselves and for our clients. Plus, look for our extra bonuses 🙂

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Free Class: Improve Your Copy, Improve Your Sales!

It looks like magic... but (SHHHH!) it's really not. Learn our process and see the results you want from your copy...

Get Superstar Results!

It may seem like we just sit down and make magic, but the truth is, we have a secret! We follow a specific process. Learn the exact process we use to get our clients amazing results.

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What Others Are Saying…

AMAZZZZZZZZINGGG! I knew you were awesome and I had full confidence in you. H-I-G-H-L-Y recommended… I went through several other copywriters, nobody got me like this. She is punchy and smart and to the point you have to hire her!


Nada Abuzaid , Venom Couture

Hi there! According to Google Analytics, the opt-in page converted at 47% after some minor tweaks – pretty darn good! I need another service from you to tweak the sales page for my new coaching program. Thank you!

Debra Wilson Guttas, Conduit for Self-Healing

Think We Can Help?

If You’re Ready to Take Your Message, Your Business, and Your Clients to the Next Level,

Here’s How…

Signature Service: Email

Email is hands down THE best way to build the trusting relationship with your clients that they’ll need in order to buy from you.

Artfully Crafted

The Genuine Autoresponder: the elimination of any type of insincere “sales-speak.” A system for sharing & educating through genuine thought & personality. Leads to genuine offers & genuine sales. How’s that for a win-win? Click the button for more.

Win With Email

Sales Funnel Web Copy

Brace for maximum impact! Your sales funnel, from ads to sales page & beyond is what will persuade people to buy your products or services (or not!)...

Designed For Results!

Your sales copy can be your greatest tool & steady salesman… always working for you, or it can be the greatest flop. Custom copy and more for sales pages, video scripts, funnels, OH MY! Let’s uplevel your biz with high performing sales copy. Click the button for more.

I’m ready for sales!

One-on-One Consulting Services

Sometimes you just need an outside view. Sometimes you're stuck or confused. Let's change that. Our consulting is designed to give you clarity…

Focus on What's Important

Our consulting focuses on three areas: Positioning–determined by audience, messaging, & goals, Copy Critiques, and Digital Marketing Strategy. Need clarity or direction in any of those areas? Don’t hesitate. Get the clarity you need to see results! Click the button for more.

Clarity and Focus

Products: Learn and Master

Our premium products are specially designed for the entrepreneur interested in developing the #1 business skill: communication, influence, and persuasion.

Learn Persuasion

On your own time, learn how to write effective emails, sales pages, & websites, or let’s work together at CopyClarity Studio, the community where we dig deep through one-on-one intensives, group study, & critiques.

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Keep Me in the Know!

Website Creation and Hosting

Did you know your website can truly help (or hurt!) your business? Every once in awhile, we all need a revamp.

Easy, Beautiful, Effective

The simple website…but it can be such a hassle! And the truth? Yours might not be effective. :$ But we can fix that! Working with our sister company, we can provide website creation and hosting. All-in-one, done-for-you service. Boom.

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Yes Please

Have questions before booking? No problem.

*If you’re not sure what you need, start with a free clarity call and ask!

No obligation to go any further. This is simply where we get to know each other and get clear on what you really need.

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What Others Are Saying…

I just had an amazing experience working with Elizabeth. I’m a perfectionist and have written all my scripts in the past. I’ve also done a lot of consulting for my clients on the scripting for their promo videos. I needed an outside opinion for a script I wrote, and hired Elizabeth to consult with me on it.

Before our scheduled consult, she went through everything I provided her thoroughly, and quite a bit beyond.

During our call, she knew the right questions to ask, and her suggestions were spot on. She knew what parts to add, and what parts to fix. My script is SO much better now and I’m so glad I found Elizabeth. She is now my go to script writer that I’ll be using and recommending to everyone.”

Nate Woodbury, Hero Maker


I’m Elizabeth Johnson. As a direct response copywriter and  founder of EJ COPY, I’m obsessed with studying and applying everything I can learn about communication, persuasion, influence and psychology. Copywriting embodies all of these things, maybe that’s why I love it. The challenge of making the connection – the rapport – and building a relationship with a prospect, really digging deep into what drives them…well that’s the fun part. At the end of the day though, what drives me is this: I love helping people like you get your message and your product or service in front of the people who need to hear it most and seeing them buy from you.

EJ Copy

We are a boutique copywriting agency, merged with digital marketing consulting services. What’s more important is that our priority is helping people like you – entrepreneurs from coaches, soloprenuers, small businesses, and service providers – get clear on their message, authentically create relationships with their following, and finally, to learn persuasive communication, the ultimate business skill.

At the end of the day, we’re here to help you attract the right clients for your business, grow your following, and increase your revenue.


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